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Captcha needs Javascript to work, not Tor friendly

Posted: Thu Dec 01, 2016 6:19 am
by Guest
The captcha needs Javascript to work, so this forum isn't exactly Tor friendly. I know that captcha can be done without Javascript, for example What Is My IP manages to do captcha without Javascript using reCAPTCHA which generates a code that has to be copied, pasted into a field and submitted.

Other options in case you are not too comfortable with embedding a Google service into your forums:

Honeypot captcha hidden from users via CSS: ... tcha.aspx/

ASP.NET based captcha: ... approaches ... ntrol.aspx

The author of that StackOverflow post also mentioned a few text based options:
ASCII text captcha: \/\/(_)\/\/
math puzzles: what is 7 minus 3 times 2?
trivia questions: what tastes better, a toad or a popsicle?